Your AI powered
Swing Analysis
Receive detailed insights into your swing patterns and start to improve your game today. Simply upload your swing video and get instant feedback – No equipment needed
preview of the swinglab dashboard
Practice assistant
Swing data, recommendations and practice tool
We combine a variety of tools to help you become the best golfer you can be. Our AI powered swing analysis tool tracks your body motion in 3D space, so you can analyze your swing patterns and improve your game. Swinglab also provides personalized recommendations and highlights where you can adjust your swing. And the best thing is: You can do all of this with your phone and even start a live practice session.
3D measurement
Stop guessing and start measuring
Now you can actually measure your movement. Golf can be a complicated sport and that's why we want to help you by taking away any guessing work after taking a swing video, so you can concentrate on your game. And coaches can now show their players measured data to back up their recommendations.
Train effectively
Immediate feedback during your swing
With our live practice tool you will get immediate visual and auditory feedback during your swing. This way you can adjust your swing in real time and get the most out of your practice session.